1989 BMW 320i Insurance Repair

This BMW came to us after an unfortunate accident.  The damage to the front of the car was not too extensive, but the car was in excellent condition prior to the accident.  Many of the parts required for the repair were available through our local BMW dealership.  Some had to come on special order from Germany.  Due to the age of the car not everything was still available, so we repaired where possible.

Whilst the car was with us the owner asked us to look at the inner lip of the nearside front wheel arch.  He had recently noticed some cracks appearing in the paint and a small area of discolouration – this indicated the beginnings of a corrosion rash.  We media blasted both front wings to eradicate any early signs of rust.  Then we painted the re-worked areas of the car with a direct gloss 2 pack paint as originally used back in the day.

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