Porsche 966 Insurance Repair

This Porsche 966 came to us after an insurance estimate from a local Porsche approved repairer had resulted in it being declared financially unviable to repair and would have been written off.  The owner of the car was keen for it to be repaired and approached us for help.

We were able to repair the car using all genuine Porsche parts and without compromising the repair methods used.  This allowed us to return the car to the owner as good as new and within a figure considered viable by their insurance company.  Whilst the car was with us the remainder of the paintwork was treated to a two stage machine polish to bring it up to the same level as the new paintwork.

Unfortunately it can sometimes be the case that insurance repairs become inflated by approved repairers, either by their very high hourly rates or by not considering if a part is repairable rather than just replacing.  For vehicles such as this Porsche 966 the parts can be extremely expensive and if the part is repairable it can be considerably cheaper to repair than replace.

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